Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ed Etc.

Somebody should clue in Pedro Martinez and the Board of Trustees that there is already a huge glut of STEM workers trying to find jobs in this shitty economy.

This has Gates Foundation money all over it, and you know what that means. It means a glut of STEM workers helps his and his ilk's bottom line.

Since almost all teachers working in charter schools are there because they can't get work in regular public schools as the competition is so stiff, you can't really say, they have a short "career" by "choice."

Furthermore, they don't choose to get sacked during or at the end of the year thanks to being at-will employees.

Now that WCSD got caught, the Board of Trustees has decided to save face and put together a formal trespass policy so the district doesn't wind up with egg on its face again.

At least not until the next time.

Speaking of WCSD, two former certified employees of the district are in the process of having their licenses revoked in the state.

Nevada takes action on perhaps 10 or 12 teachers'/administrators' licenses a year as opposed to well over 100 a year in Oregon.

Oregon doesn't put up with a lot of shit.

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