Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Good. NO private outfit has any right to spam a public agency's email system with anything, let alone propaganda.

They will lose on appeal as well.

If there is anything I know about public agencies, it's that they are extremely particular about their email/internet policies.

School districts are the pickiest of all, and for good reason.

"Stand on Children" is a good nickname for Rhee's "reform" group.

Joseph Naso, the man accused of the "double initial" murders from the 1970s and 1990s, was convicted today on all counts.

He may get the death penalty, which is kind of stupid at his age of 79. He's likely to croak long before all of the appeals are exhausted if he gets death.

Lois Weiner has a brief piece discussing the growing pushback against all of those idiotic privatization schemes.


Of course charter schools aren't public schools, propaganda to the contrary. They are private schools designed to pilfer taxpayer dollars, but that doesn't make them public entities.

There is plenty of case law to back that assertion.

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