Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If You Want to Destroy the Country, You Don't Have to Rig Voting Machines

Instead, you can simply promote fakers posing as "Democrats," and you can get even more points if you have minority candidates as insurance against criticism. Calling critics "racist" goes far even when the minority candidate doesn't do SHIT for minorities. It shuts people up even as these fakes wreck the country and tarnish the Democratic Party brand in order to help their billionaire and Wall Street backers.

We have seen this with Trojan horse Barry; we are now about to be treated to an even bigger fraud in Cory Booker.

Tonight the Newark mayor whose career was initially bankrolled by the far right Bradley Foundation and Manhattan Institute won the primary for the U.S. Senate seat left vacant when incumbent Frank Lautenberg, a real Democrat, unfortunately died. Booker is expected to be a shoo-in this November, and you know what this means.

We are going to get a 24/7 buildup of this piece of shit from the media in hopes this fraud gets on the national ticket in 2016. So help me God, I am done forever with the Democratic Party if this shitbag gets anyway near the White House.

He's a hundred times worse than Obama, and Obama has come a long way to becoming the worst president in American history.

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