Monday, August 05, 2013

It's Sexism, Period

There is no point giving this a contrived term. Women have ALWAYS been judged by their appearance. They can't do anything right. They can't be simply themselves regardless of "beauty," body size, aging, whatever.

Men are hardly ever judged by their looks. They can look like shit and nobody cares.

Women can't do that and not be severely judged.

This double standard is one of the most obvious ways women are still treated like second-class citizens in our society.

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Megan Riley said...

I completely agree with your thinking, it's a man's world. Men always focus on a female's appearance and rarely on her character. It's sad to see how the culture is changing and how we are adapting to society's gender roles. Men are the ones that hold the power, they are given more advantages. Males look down to females because they are "superior" to women.