Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just What This Country Needs

That title, of course, is sarcastic since I am referring to the New Jersey election Tuesday night that propelled the godawful Newark mayor Cory Booker to the October special election.

He's as blatant a fake as there has ever been in American politics, and he is backed by the usual suspects who don't give a shit about the 99.99 percent of Americans.

Booker’s actual policies place him on the right, even given that the official political spectrum that has moved steadily to the right in recent decades. The mayor boasts of his ties to Wall Street and went so far as to criticize the Obama campaign in 2012 for daring to make an issue—even if only for political purposes—of Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s role as the founder of a private equity firm that had destroyed thousands of jobs.

The Newark mayor has also championed charter schools and is known as a supporter of vouchers, the most extreme tactic used in the attack on public education. He has called Michelle Rhee, the former head of the Washington DC school system notorious for her demonization of teachers, “a friend of mine.”

Booker typifies a selfish and privileged layer of the middle class that has been encouraged by the decades-long utilization of affirmative action and identity politics. In the closing days of the primary campaign, some reports hinted at evidence of corruption in Booker’s career, something that would come as little surprise. The mayor has increased his net worth by about $1 million through his connection with an Internet startup, Waywire, a video aggregator that appears to have almost no current business. Booker has also been receiving equity payments from a law firm with which he was associated before he became mayor, although he has not disclosed the amounts of those payments.

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