Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Like Lambs to the Slaughter

Evidently there are a number of jobs at Washoe County School District still open although the school year has started already.

Naturally they aren't the "good" classroom jobs in elementary, or they used to be the "good" jobs before the Broadies and other "reformers" started running roughshod over the state. Those jobs are reserved only for internal hires or for somebody's spouse or kid.

There are lots and lots of special education jobs, as the article notes. Applicants are like lambs to the slaughter, but people will clamor to get a chance because, after all, it is a job. Special education teachers, especially, are treated like dirt by this district. If you aren't already an experienced special ed teacher, you will find yourself thrown into the class with little in the way of guidance on how to do your job so you have to improvise and work with what few materials you have. The kids and the parents are the easy parts of the job. Then you may get a principal who will approach you to cheat so those test scores look good, or you will have no decent mentor at all to show you the ropes because the mentor you get stuck with is a headcase who misses work a lot. To top that off, you may work in a school where you are not treated as a colleague but as the hired help or are bullied by certified support help who are actually certifiably nuts but have connections and still manage to have jobs. They throw their weight around because the principal is too busy out gallivanting around playing big shot and ignoring his or her leadership duties. The principals love these little cretins because they do their dirty work for them. They will lie, cheat, and steal for them while at the same time holding those principals and other administrators in total contempt. They will perjure themselves or engage in character assassination in bogus due process hearings. Not an easy environment to risk your career and every single thing you ever worked for.

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