Monday, August 26, 2013

Miscellaneous News

Obit: Muriel Siebert, 80, the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, has died from complications from cancer.

It wasn't that long ago women weren't allowed there:

Siebert, who was born in Cleveland and moved to New York in 1954 at age 22, started her career as a trainee in research at Bache & Co. earning a $65 a week. She went on to become an industry specialist in airlines and aerospace and later became a partner at brokerages including Brimberg & Co.

She bought a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in December 1967 after months of struggling with the male-dominated business world that initially resisted her efforts to join. She established her investment firm the same year and transformed it into a discount brokerage house in 1975.

Her achievements at the time were something to be proud of.

These days, being a member of Wall Street is a sign of disgrace.

When you don't have talent, you resort to raunchy nonsense.

Just so I don't sound too sexist, Robin Thicke is every bit as untalented as Miley.

Both of them prove connections have a lot to do with financial "success" rather than talent.

While somebody like Miley Cyrus makes millions of dollars on the skimpiest of talent, millions upon millions of us who are considered "baby boomers," especially those of us unemployed or underemployed, are having our lives destroyed thanks to deliberate inaction by Congress.

I am still technically "employed," but I don't make enough money at this juncture to be able to get a place to live.

Here is the study mentioned by the blogger, but of course the situation now is even worse.

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