Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Proof Harvard Is Nothing But a Degree Mill

The dictator of American education's latest outrage is also seen at this link.

This is yet another reason why this would-be national superintendent of education needs to either be impeached or forced to resign. He is pathetically unqualified to head an education department, and also he made a complete mess out of Chicago. He is the worst cabinet pick in the history of the United States. He operates above the law and thinks he IS the law. He is intellectually unfit to head a government agency.

If he knew one thing at all about special education, he would know that the vast majority of students in sped programs are LD (learning disabled) and HAVE to take the same standardized tests as students in the general population, but with accommodations and modifications as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. He also should be well versed in IDEA and NCLB, but I doubt this guy even knows what the acronyms mean, let alone what the laws are.

Students who are severely disabled take alternate testing. You cannot expect severely autistic students or students who are severely disabled because of cerebral palsy or FAS or shaken baby syndrome to even be physically, let alone mentally, able to take regular tests.

This cabinet official needs to be sent packing, like yesterday.

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