Thursday, August 22, 2013

NYT Journalistic Malpractice Number 10,897

At least Maureen Dowd isn't president of the United States. She's been caught--again--committing journalistic malpractice, but because she won a Pulitizer, she gets away with murder.

People who have done far, far less have their careers ruined, but ol' Mo just keeps plugging along with one ethical breach after another.

Dowd is now in trouble with selectively quoting and twisting the meaning of the words of someone who was critical of NYC candidate Christine Quinn. That is bad enough, but the poor candidate ended up taking Dowd's account at face value, thus compounding the mess much further.

It's not the first time she's messed up:

Dowd has plagiarized. She has filed columns with inaccurate datelines. Both of those incidents involved Dowd passing off the writing and reporting of others — friends and assistants — as her own, uncredited. There was also the time — still, as far as I know, never explained — when an insulting and effeminizing description of Barack Obama was mysteriously scrubbed from the online version of the column.

That's only one paragraph of the article, but Dowd has done much, much more.

Poor old Jayson Blair had his life ruined because he messed up, but that's because he didn't win a Pulitzer. He was expendable.

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