Friday, August 02, 2013

The Joke of the Jobs Numbers

Anybody who thinks the economy is improving for the majority of people, let alone jobseekers, is living in a dream world.

Of course there are millions upon millions of part-time jobs being created so that businesses can sit on trillions more money, which in turn creates even less demand.

It's a popular misconception that businesses "create" jobs. They don't. Demand creates the need for jobs, which spurs more demand, which in turns creates even more jobs.

This is all a part of the globalization movement to lower American wages and salaries to third world levels, all the while not reducing the cost of living which makes the piddling pay in those countries tolerable.

Sedition charges need to be brought against the people who have created this mess, but naturally all of THOSE people are bought off by the people doing the sedition.

Enough about that. What about those "great" jobs?

Often, an increase in temporary or part-time workers signals an economic recovery, but experts aren't so sure this is the case today. If the trend continues, it will be yet another sign of a labor market that's unfriendly to most Americans, depriving them of both good earnings and job security, Holzer said. It may also slow the economic rebound since workers' wages will remain depressed or stagnant.

Bill Rodgers, chief economist at the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, said many people laid off during the Great Recession still can only find part-time or temporary positions. He is waiting to see whether full-time hiring will pick up substantially.

The answer is "no." Our D.C. politicians are making sure it never happens.

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