Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time to Impeach Obama and Duncan

over their completely unconstitutional intrusion into the system of public education. They aren't just stopping with K-12--now they want to put NCLB/RTTT in higher education.

It won't be the tiny number of elite schools like the Ivies--this is a naked assault on state universities and community colleges where the vast majority of American students attend college.

Just wait until they start to sack tenure in higher ed--which IS a lifetime appointment unlike the civil service protections misnamed tenure in K-12--and professors no longer have academic freedom.

Folks, we don't have a "left-right" division or a "Democratic-Republican" division in this country anymore. There is literally a class war declared by the tiny number of elites (billionaires, Wall Street hedge fund crooks, and neoliberal policy makers and politicians) against everybody else, and they will stop at NOTHING until every last dime is pilfered from the American people.

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