Saturday, September 28, 2013

ACA ISN'T "Government Takeover" of Health Care but Health Insurance Companies Calling the Shots

From nearly a year ago is this article which states just how terrible the ACA is going to be for those forced into it but great for Wall Street and the health insurance industry.

Somebody WILL benefit after all--it just won't be us peons.

Obamacare merely shuffles the chairs on this Titanic of a health care system.

While it is positive that the PPACA requires coverage of people with pre-existing conditions and prohibits lifetime caps, it can’t control what people pay for insurance, because it doesn’t limit actual premiums, which have risen 13% on average since the Act was passed.

The medical cost ratio limitation the PPACA instills; that 80% of premiums must be used for medical care in the case of individuals and small groups, and 85% in the case of large groups) to supposedly ensure companies operate on a more efficient premium in vs. premium out basis, is a joke. Its punch line is accounting manipulation. Call everything a medical cost; even buying another company, and the ratio is meaningless.

"Affordable" is the last thing this act is.

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