Friday, September 27, 2013

"Affordable" Care Act: It's All About the Profits, NOT People

I have never thought unlike many people Obamacare would be a step in the right direction toward a system of single-payer health insurance. In fact, the likely effect will be the eventual elimination of ALL employer-paid health insurance when the business lobbyists get through with the Washington politicians they own to provide loopholes so they can get rid of their plans.

Neoliberals like Obama don't believe companies should pay for ANYTHING on behalf of their workers, whether it is pensions, health insurance, Social Security taxes, or unemployment insurance, as all of those benefits/taxes "interfere" with businesses' right to make even more money.

The sticker shock over Obamacare is going to be something when the thing finally kicks in:

In reality, many uninsured people who begin to shop for health care coverage on the exchanges will be in for a rude shock. The preponderance of “affordable” coverage will consist of cut-rate plans that leave the insured responsible for a considerable proportion of the costs.

Premiums will vary widely from state to state and many plans with lower premiums will significantly limit the choice of doctors and hospitals. With few exceptions, individuals and families that do not receive insurance through an employer or a government program such as Medicare or Medicaid will be required to obtain insurance or pay a fine.

Consumers shopping on the exchanges will be presented with a confusing selection of plans to choose from. All of the coverage is offered by private insurance companies that have tailored policies to suit their profit interests. They are banking on a substantial number of young, healthy people signing up for coverage to offset costs associated with requirements that sicker individuals or those with pre-existing conditions not be charged higher premiums or turned away. If adequate numbers of young and relatively healthy people do not sign up, premiums are sure to rise.

Of course. This is what happens when medical care is seen as a privilege and not a right. There should be NO profit involved.

Unfortunately, other non-profit sectors are being pressured into for-profit models (example: public education). It is far more likely Medicare will be done away with and seniors dumped into this godawful "exchange" system than we EVER get the profit motive out of health care, let alone single-payer health insurance.

If you are single and without dependents and don't have employer-paid health insurance, you get the shaft the very worst of all. You have to buy insurance outside of these "exchanges" if you make over a middling amount of money, something like over 40k, which is NOT "big money" at all but barely enough to survive with a tiny bit of money left over unless you live in the deep South or in the Midwest. You will have to go without since private health insurance is scandalously overpriced. If you make between the very low poverty level and the low 40s, you are forced to buy from these "exchanges" in plans you can't afford despite those "subsidies." If you are below the poverty line, there is Medicaid, but it is little more than a loan that must be paid back in "estate recovery" as noted here and where many doctors refuse Medicaid patients.

ACA, like Obama's education policies, is a fucking disaster waiting to happen.

ObamaDon'tCare is a good name for it.

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