Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Outrageous Case of Teacher Abuse

Yet another teacher committed suicide, but her family is trying to teach the school district a lesson by planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

I hope the family gets a huge settlement out of it. The bullshit against teachers must stop.

People outside of education don't truly understand how devastating it is to be harassed out or illegally fired from a school district, one's finances ruined and everything one has ever worked for down the drain, while the culprits involved act like a bunch of sociopaths who couldn't care less about who they ruin as long as they feed off the taxpayer trough.

The case:

A series of incidents led to Jennifer Lenihan taking a stress leave, which left her in such financial turmoil that she took her own life July 1, the day her mother went to give her money to help with rent, according to Manuel Jaramillo, her stepfather.

“We believe she was driven to suicide,” Jaramillo said. “She had journals, she had emails, she has other friends that are willing to come forth in the trial.”

In the documents she left behind, Lenihan spoke of being harassed in front of students and other staff members, Jaramillo said. He declined to give names because it could hurt his future case.

A fellow employee who spoke anonymously out of fear of retaliation said she recalled two administrators, Robert Reyes and Jimmy Lima, the principal and assistant principal respectively, yelling at Lenihan in a courtyard in front of teachers and students. A friend of Lenihan said she told him of also being talked down to in her classroom while students watched.

Of course the asshole administrators continue on with their harassment knowing they will NEVER be held accountable for it.

As far as I am concerned, this is nothing short of murder.

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