Thursday, September 19, 2013

Be Cruel to Your School

Those graduation rates at WCSD appear to be cooked, and by an accountant who had experience in finagling numbers, just as ol' Heath Morrison cooked those figures (and bought himself a national superintendent of the year award) before he blew out of town.

I wonder how long Pedro Martinez will last?

A review of the facts:

Morrison hired Martinez as his number two in 2009.

Martinez quickly jumped to Las Vegas where he apparently taught Gomorrah South Superintendent Dwight Jones how to sell the songbook of Willson's non-existent River City Boys Band.

Predictably, Jones and Martinez scored an incredible increase in graduation rates, then both abruptly quit.

Only the Barbwire last year reported that WCSD keeps two sets of books, one for public consumption, the other for the state.

Stay tuned for what old Dale Whatshisname plans to do to the state.

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