Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Children Get the Short End of the Stick

thanks to the growing cancer of Scabs for America being used in more charter schools and school districts in order to undermine public school teachers' jobs, pay, and benefits.

These temps are mostly lousy "teachers" because teachers can't become great until they have had many years in, if they are allowed to stay that long, and often teachers aren't allowed to stay in the field long unless they have family connections.

This cancer is really about affecting policy in the movement to destroy public education in the United States. They are training robots to infiltrate school district administration as well as being state and federal policymakers.

The organization is NOT needed given the massive glut of fully trained teachers nationwide, and it needs to be abolished.

Nationally, TFA’s mission has evolved from filling teacher shortages in underserved areas to hiring out recruits based on their teaching effectiveness (an endlessly debated subject) and building “a growing movement of leaders.” Its growth parallels its entrenchment in the movement to replace district schools with charter schools and peg teachers’ jobs to their students’ standardized test scores. Not only does it get tens of millions in funding from corporations and foundations that promote this style of reform, but its alumni are founders, leaders or board members of more than 40 charter, advocacy and training groups. In 2007, its partner 501(c)4, Leadership for Educational Equity, was formed to help fund and train alumni to enter political office and other positions of leadership; its resources and biggest names slant toward market-oriented reform.


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