Saturday, September 07, 2013

Ed Etc.

More stupidity from "reformers" who don't seem to understand that behavior matters in education, and responsible behavior such as turning in work on time and doing homework is good preparation for success in later life.

Not to mention practice outside of class is necessary for academic mastery.

Typical dolts.

It's all about pilfering the taxpayer treasury for these hedge fund crooks who run "Democrats" for Education Reform and similar garbage groups.

They don't give a SHIT about the kids.

This in the comment section is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and why I utterly LOATHE Obama:

Obama has been bad news in education since at least 1995 as at the same time he became president of the Annenburg Foundation for Chicago Public Schools, privatizeer, along with his wife Michelle who was one of Daley’s $100,000 club doing privatization. So Obama has no correction factor as FDR did with Eleanor. Without Eleanor none of this was possible. She pushed FDR and he listened. Not now. Both want to become richer than Clinton did.

Hedge funds are in for the profit and power. That is it. When you can double your money in 7 years instead of the normal 12 what do you think they will do. This is like buying gold several years ago as some friends did. What do you think is is worth now? Look at the charter school guys in Florida worth about $160 million along with the revenue from operating the schools. The schools are merely the means to the big money, the property and revenue from it with the tax breaks. What they make from the charter schools is nothing to the property game. This is increased asset valuation with revenue. These guys are the hedge fund and managers in one package they take all the percentages.

Obama is a right wing republican libertarian in sheep’s clothing. It is time we dealt with the facts on the ground about the democratic party. It is bought and sold by the same people that own the republicans. Now we are UNIPARTY. Any apparent difference is a joke on us through the media they own. Thank Clinton for taking away the Free Press, jobs and the ruination of the financial system. This is how it really rolls.

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