Sunday, September 29, 2013

Grand Larceny

David Sirota has written a very long piece detailing these assholes' attempts to gut public pensions in order to further enrich themselves.

These fucking morons don't understand many public employees can't get Social Security or their benefits are greatly reduced, but then, they'll just turn around and attack Social Security so that NOBODY gets it.

These people are deranged, sociopathic, completely obsessed with greed, not realizing they aren't truly "self-made" but depend on the labor of the "riff-raff" to get and keep "their" riches.

Oh, this is sure rich:

Finding: The Laura and John Arnold Foundation is run by conservative political operatives and funded by an Enron billionaire.

John Arnold is an Enron billionaire whose only major experience with pension management was his role in a company that decimated public
pension funds. Well-known conservative political operatives and consultants run his foundation.

They're crooks, pure and simple, and they want to steal from you and me.

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