Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Might Have to Get Rogaine

after reading some of the comments following this piece about all of the economic "horrors" of single women who make it to old age.

Hell, the author comes across as an even bigger idiot than the commenters with her opening paragraph. She sounds like a clueless trust fund baby.

Poverty has nothing to do with how "savvy" an "investor" you are--it has everything to do with the worsening standard of living for everybody. It's basically out of your control. Horatio Alger is a myth.

In ten years, there will be articles whining about how destitute men will be in old age because that is the trend NOW.

I was totally disgusted with a woman who claimed she was one of those destitute women because she relied on a man to "take care of her":

I am not surprised, sadly. All too many women of this generation discussed still planned on being take care of by a man. All too many women of this generation chose low paying jobs that may not have even offered benefits. All too many women of this generation never learned about money management and preparing for one's financial future. I know, because I'm one of them. I pray for our younger women to educate themselves about their finances . . .choose to be a principal, not a teaching assistant . . . Work as a store manager, and not a clerk. Go for those higher paying jobs and have confidence in your abilities! Most of all, learn to take care of yourself. Mr. Right may never come along, or Mr. Right may one day, unfortunately, turn into Mr. Wrong, and take his money and benefits with him. Be self-sufficient!

My response:

Baloney. That generation of women has mostly died off. The ones coming into retirement NOW are baby boomers--age 65 now means these women were born in 1948--and were the first generation to benefit from gains in women's status. That has been taken away because of neoliberal economic policies which have destroyed pensions, destroyed high-paying jobs, and have destroyed lives.

Women don't "choose" low-paying jobs. That is utter nonsense.

Financial planning to ward off poverty is garbage, and your denigration of traditional women's work is offensive. There are virtually NO high-paying jobs left in this economy. Your post is sexist, cruel, and devoid of any concept of reality. If you are really telling the truth about your status, you are a minority of the "elderly" population today. The fact you claim women "choose" low-paying jobs makes your post highly suspect.

Women don't "choose" to be low-paid given this sexist job market. However, women are catching up with men economically because MEN'S standard of living is going down the toilet.

It won't be long before everybody is poor except the billionaires and hedge fund crooks who are dictating national policy.

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