Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Maybe I Will Write a Book About My Experiences

as a teacher; I can certainly relate to what this man went through.

I lasted six years as a licensed, contracted teacher (so far); this poor guy lasted a mere five months, not even enough time to get oriented, let alone even knowing what even to do.

He, like yours truly, had an insane/incompetent/vindictive principal who abused his or her power:

Five months into your teaching career, the principal gave you a “U” for unsatisfactory. What made you a ‘bad teacher’?

I was a bad teacher because the kids in my class were too noisy. Even if they were learning, but making a bit too much noise, I got in trouble. I was told that the school was a “cathedral of learning,” so this was not acceptable. I was a bad teacher because, I admit it, I had difficulty keeping up with the data. My background is in the private sector and I am used to dealing with a lot of numbers, including million dollar budgets. None of that prepared me for the volume of data and spreadsheets that I have to deal with at my school. It was unbelievable. This is not what teaching is supposed to be about.

There are thousands of "bad" teachers out there, but there are no bad principals in the country.

Except, perhaps, for Leslie Chance.

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