Thursday, September 12, 2013

More of Marianne Johnson-Reddick's Dirty Laundry

is coming out into the open. This time, the Daily Mail gets into the act, with one of her sons spilling his guts out:

Patrick told MailOnline that only when he was sure she was not long for this world was he able to sleep well because his terror had finally ended.

He and his other brothers and sisters are now planning a celebration at the end of the month where they will toast the passing of the woman they accused of being a monster.

Patrick, who runs a green energy firm, and his sister Katherine Reddick, 57, a teacher, wrote the scathing obituary which appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal on September 10. It quickly went viral on the internet across the globe.

Many were shocked that any child could be so cruel about their mother and the newspaper was forced to pull it from the internet.

But the death notice was revenge for Patrick and his siblings who were scarred by decades of abuse.

However, surfing around the internet I discovered that not all of the family members thought the tone of the obit was appropriate.

Next I expect movie and book deals.

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