Saturday, September 14, 2013

News and Etc.

Expect yet another "giant sucking sound" of the American middle class to be decimated to occur when the Trans-Pacific Partnership is ratified thanks to "Democrat" Obama.

These neoliberal assholes won't be happy until Americans are making a dollar a day. Of course who is going to buy the products? These treasonous morons never ask the obvious question.

What a termination hearing of a NYC teacher means besides a railroad job paid for by the taxpayers.

Of course there is no "crisis" in STEM careers. The whole propaganda campaign is to create an even bigger glut of workers in order to drive the pay down even further.

Screw the so-called "civil libertarians" who have done a grave disservice to the public by trying to defend the pornography industry. The reality is it isn't about "free speech" or "fantasy" but about human exploitation for money.

Given the absolutely horrific working conditions of those in the business, it is nothing less than a human rights violation.

I read Linda Boreman's (Lovelace's) autobiography, Ordeal, many years ago. It was an ordeal to read because it was so disturbing, but I didn't doubt what she wrote (or had written for her) was true.

Her claims have been echoed by thousands of others who have been entrapped in this slimy business.

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