Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our Dysfunctional Congress

I would call the situation insanity more than "anarchy," as the New York Times, but these crackpots are willing to shut down the government to get their way.

Of course it may all be what has been called "kabuki theater," and we will get even more goddamned concessions by that fraud in the White House.

What a mess this country has turned out to be. The federal government is next to useless.


Mr. Boehner is playing the dangerous game of trying to placate the extremists for a few days. But, in the end, the burden will be squarely on his shoulders. If he allows the entire House, including Democrats, to vote on straightforward measures to pay for the government and raise the debt limit, the double crisis will instantly end. If he does not, he will give free rein to his party’s worst impulses.

These whackos don't give a shit. My concern is Obama, but he would give away the store to "act nice" to these fascists.

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