Saturday, September 28, 2013

Part-Time America

That's where this country's economy is headed, and it is aided and abetted by Washington policies in order to force our living standards down to third world levels:

The Obama administration is directing this attack, encouraging wage cutting and the reduction of large sections of workers to the status of casual laborers. Obama’s so-called health care “reform,” the ACA, was designed to facilitate this process by encouraging employers to reduce the hours of employees so as to evade requirements that they provide health insurance to full-time workers.

Low-wage, part-time and temporary labor—this is the essence of the administration’s so-called “jobs program.” Obama has pledged to “revive” US manufacturing and increase US exports by making American companies more competitive on world markets. What he does not say is that the heart of his strategy—and that of the ruling class as a whole—is the destruction of all of the social gains won by generations of American workers over the past century.

I sure hope there is a place in hell for these neoliberals who have done such a terrible disservice to the public.

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