Sunday, September 29, 2013

PPACA = Corporate Welfare

Of course Democrats will suffer as a result of this catastrophe called "health care reform," which is anything but. The GOP secretly supports it, too, since it enriches the health insurance industry further and the whole idea was far right to begin with, but they know a good political football when they see it.

The income limits, with no real sliding scale, are pathetically low for the "exchanges," so nobody will be able to afford to buy or use it. If you are forced on Medicaid, you won't be able to find a primary physician because doctors won't treat Medicaid patients, plus you can forget your heirs ever getting anything from your estate if you use Medicaid and are over 55. Those who can't get either will be forced into unaffordable private plans or pay the tax penalty.

As I have said, there will be pressure on our worthless public officials to create loopholes so corporations will get out of providing group coverage, by far the cheapest insurance for Americans. In absence of single-payer, this would be a complete and total disaster. There will be pressure to destroy Medicare and force seniors into these "exchanges" or Medicaid, thus more deaths will result from no medical care.

This ACA will be such a monumental failure, the chances this country EVER sees single payer will be virtually nil.

Frontline discussed the corrupt backroom deals on this legislation a couple of years ago.

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