Tuesday, September 10, 2013

She Must Have Had Inspiration from Robert Spangler

A woman has been charged with murder for shoving her husband off a cliff at Glacier National Park and tried to pass it off as some accident:

Johnson was reported missing to Kalispell police on July 8. Graham told officers her husband had texted her the evening of July 7 to say he was going for a drive with friends and that she believed he was in a dark-colored car that pulled out of the couple's driveway that night, according to legal documents.

Graham on July 11 reported to emergency dispatchers at Glacier National Park that she had found her husband's body below a steep hiking path. It was not immediately clear how far he had fallen.

Graham later admitted to authorities that she had lied about Johnson's death and that she had shoved him off a cliff during an argument while hiking, according to a sworn statement by FBI Special Agent Steven Liss.

In case people don't remember the infamous black widower Robert Spangler and his unique "Grand Canyon divorce," here are the details:

On Easter Sunday, April 11, 1993 a disheveled but strangely calm Bob Spangler showed up at the Back Country ranger station, saying that his wife had taken a tragic fall. She was dead 160 feet below the Redwall at Horseshoe Mesa, where they had stopped for a photo. He set up his camera to take a photograph of them both, and when he turned back around, she had vanished. He had heard nothing.

When he saw her broken body lying motionless beneath him, he scrambled down, found her dead, washed the blood from her face with his handkerchief, covered her with a tarp, grabbed her pack and headed back up to report the tragedy.

The rangers snickered about "Divorce by Grand Canyon," but there was no evidence of foul play, despite the fact that the place she fell was probably the only place on their hiking route that would have resulted in a fatal fall. And the fact that he never heard her cry out when she went over was an odd detail they couldn't quite forget.

He had already killed his first wife and children.

Thank God he is dead now.

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