Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Scarlet Letter

I came across these videos from three months ago about the "no rehires" of non-renewed teachers at Denver Public Schools. These people's lives are ruined, and the school board didn't make matters any easier since other school districts contact the previous school district and ask if the teacher is eligible for rehire, so these teachers can't get three years in another school district in order to work for DPS again. It's blacklisting, and the disclosure of "do not rehire" status needs to be made illegal unless there is something that can affect the license of a teacher (that can be found out anyway through license checks).

My "wonderful" previous employer WCSD has at least two lawsuits pending over this issue. If I am still non-rehireable after all these years and it comes back on me in Oregon, the fuckers are going to get their asses sued since it was THEIR goddamned fault for illegally firing me in the first place over a petty infraction that wasn't a real infraction at all. I wasn't allowed to amend a goddamned form because the moron who fired me simply didn't want me there thanks to her complete incompetence.

Some videos:

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