Monday, September 30, 2013

Time to Import Those Asian Giant Hornets to Capitol Hill

given how absolutely WORTHLESS these sons-of-bitches are, especially in the GOP. What is unfortunate about this shutdown shit is workers are going to be impacted, and ultimately the economy.

And for what? So they can politically posture against the Unaffordable Care Act that their right-wing buddies at the Heritage Foundation proposed and what their buddies in the health insurance industry WROTE.

They smell a "winner" in next year's elections once people are affected with the sticker shock of the ACA, and they are counting on that so-called "Democratic" president to capitulate like he almost always does.

Our political system is really on the ropes, on the verge of being knocked out, as a direct result of all of these years of having politicians being bought off by the elites to represent THEIR interests, not the 99.9 percent of voters.

As I have written before, the only pieces of major legislation coming out of Washington in the past thirty years that have been worth a shit for the American people were the Americans With Disabilities Act (written by Democratic senator Tom Harkin and signed by Republican president George I) and the Family Medical Leave Act, signed by President Clinton, which didn't go far enough but still was beneficial.

That's it. Just about everything else has been a complete sellout of the United States of America, soon to be the Untied States of America at the rate things are going.

The impact of a government shutdown would be imposed overwhelmingly on the working population. Some 95 percent of employees at the Department of Education would be furloughed, as would 92 percent of workers at the Department of Energy, while all of the department’s regulatory activity would come to a halt.

As long as these overstuffed buffoons in both political parties can still afford to go to the Georgetown cocktail parties, they don't give a shit about workers.

I am so sick of this kabuki theater nonsense.

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