Monday, October 07, 2013

60 Minutes Screws Up--Again

I am not a bit surprised they would take an unusual case of SSDI fraud and then try to paint it as typical.

60 Minutes pulls this garbage a lot, most recently with education issues. They would talk about KIPP schools or the Khan Academy or other such junk "reforms" without any real research into their effectiveness. It was all about advocating for a particular point of view, not reporting.

It doesn't surprise me what these "reporters" are doing with regard to disability programs. For anybody who has tried to navigate the disability system, it is notoriously difficult to get it. If you end up getting SSI, you have to account for every single penny you spend on it since it is needs-based.

The only reason there is an increase in people applying for it is because there is a larger population of people who are older, get injured, and can't work. However, applying doesn't mean you will GET it. Far from it.

The truth is hard to take when there is an agenda to peddle:

The Social Security disability standard is incredibly strict, and just four in ten applicants are awarded benefits. Award rates have further declined during the recent economic downturn.

Demonstrating eligibility requires extensive medical evidence, and even people with lifethreatening illnesses can wait months if not years to receive benefits. Many individuals are denied despite significant disabilities and chronic illnesses. Benefits are modest but vital –
averaging just over $500 per month for Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries and a little more than $1,100 per month for Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries – and for many, disability benefits make it possible to secure stable housing and purchase food, lifesustaining medications, and other basic necessities.

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