Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Report Tonight On SMS

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Picture from the candlelight vigil tonight:

More is here.

A report mentions the killer, but not by name:

The name of the shooter has not been released by authorities. Several students mentioned his name Wednesday, but the Reno Gazette-Journal is not publishing it until it is confirmed.

“He was disconnected with a lot of people,” said eighth-grader Vanezza Avalos, who tutored the 12-year-old boy during parts of last school year. “He was always out there. He would not focus. He was gone — out of the world.”

Avalos tutored the boy until April this year when she began attending Traner Middle School.

Skylah Grider remembers hearing gunshots and walking past the dead Monday. When asked about her emotions during the vigil she said she was “sad and scared to go back to school.”

The fact the district made the teachers go back to school after all of this is sadistic, in my opinion. It's almost impossible to ever work in that place and not think about Monday's tragedies.

Theoretically the parents who made this tragedy possible could be prosecuted, but so many people in the Truckee Meadows have lost their goddamned minds and have taken pity on them and the parents are being protected by Sparks officials by their names not being published, not one goddamned thing is going to happen to them.

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