Tuesday, October 01, 2013

ACA Is Nothing but Corporate Welfare

Of course it would be, since it was written by the insurance industry and is more full of holes than a slab of Swiss cheese.

On what planet can a single person making 16k a year AFFORD private insurance, subsidies or no, let alone be able to even use it thanks to the fact the "cheapest" plans, the "bronze" plans, are crap plans that require poor or lower-income people to pay outrageous deductibles:

Those ostensibly liberal Obama supporters who have long championed the ACA as a progressive reform are still attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of an increasingly skeptical American public. The New York Times, which has campaigned relentlessly for cost-cutting in health care, headlined an editorial Saturday, “Dawn of a Revolution in Health Care,” writing that the legislation “Is a striking example of what government can do to help people in trouble.

This indeed amounts to health care "rationing" in order to further enrich the financial elites driving this country into the ditch.

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