Friday, October 04, 2013

Call Me a Skeptic

You don't have to be a Trotskyite, as the people from WSWS are, to be highly suspicious of what our D.C. politicians are pulling with the shutdown business.

It all depends on how much of the country Obama is willing to throw under the proverbial bus to "make nice" with a gang of billionaire-backed fascists. I seriously doubt he will act like a real Democrat, not when Wall Street, etc. are bankrolling him.


The New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported Thursday evening that Republican Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, has held meetings with senior House Republicans aimed at using the government funding crisis to revive earlier proposals for a “Grand Bargain” to cut social programs and slash corporate taxes and income taxes for the wealthy.

The Times wrote that the Republicans are discussing a “broad deficit reduction deal that would allow some increases to federal programs squeezed by the automatic cuts known as sequestration in exchange for long-term changes to programs like Medicare and Social Security. The package would most likely include instructions to try to move along efforts to simplify the tax code as well.”

We know the Republicans are assholes, but it's Obama who is the wild card because he has a lengthy history of not being trustworthy at all.

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