Monday, October 14, 2013

Crazy Like a Fox

That's how Michael Lind describes the Tea Party insanity going on in Washington. It's the culmination of decades of the southern strategy, which, he argues, is more about cheap wages and shitty living standards than even about race.

In fact what is going on is one part of a batshit whole, that being the whole libertarian/neoliberal "philosophy" is all about cheap labor and destroying living standards in order to further enrich a tiny minority. It is tragically a worldwide movement. Much of the rest of the political establishment embraces neoliberalism, and people with sense are being relegated to the sidelines.

Lind's article is interesting because in a real sense this is about the revenge of the South against the rest of the country. I totally agree with his suggestions, which of course Congress won't do one shitting thing about:

A federal living wage.
Nationalization of social insurance.
Real voting rights.
Nonpartisan redistricting.
Abolish the Senate filibuster.
Abolish the federal debt ceiling completely.

And here is what he says about the debt ceiling:

The federal debt ceiling is another institution like the filibuster which has now been ruined by being abused by Southern conservatives. Now that the Southern right is trying to turn it into a recurrent tool of hostage-taking when it loses votes in Congress, the federal debt ceiling should be abolished. The federal government should be authorized to borrow any amount necessary to fund spending appropriated or authorized by Congress, if there is any shortfall in tax revenues.

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