Thursday, October 03, 2013


If Arne hates it, it must be good.

Everybody in the world knows about that motorcycle road rage incident in NYC. Goddamned thugs started the whole thing, and now they are whining that one of their own is permanently injured and trying to raise money for him.

There are a bunch more videos leading up to the altercation. Those assholes are dangerous.

It's also way too dangerous for cops to pursue these riders, since the "crotch rockets" can go very high speeds and are highly maneuverable. These so-called "stunt" groups are the latest in motorcycle "gang" activity though they are different from the gangs of old:

While these free-form, instant gangs may not be predisposed to violence, he said, a “mob mentality” can take over if they feel threatened, as happened in New York.

Mostly, what they want to do is tricks. “They are daredevil types into high-performance bikes,” he said, “a younger generation into the rush of high speeds and splitting lanes.”

And they want to do their tricks on public highways, with cameras rolling. Combine social media, YouTube and cheap, versatile handheld cameras, and you have a recipe for packs of bikers to assemble quickly, take over public streets and put the results on the Web for the world to see.

I don't know why some people were saying this group involved in Sunday's assault was "black." From what I could tell from the videos, it appeared to be racially diverse, as the article notes about these groups. What they have in common is they thrive driving shitty on busy highways and have the overwhelming desire to pull stunts that ought to get them killed.


If Obama does that "Grand Bargain" shit, we will KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt this shutdown shit was ORCHESTRATED by both sides to force "austerity" measures on the American people.

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