Friday, October 11, 2013


Greg LeMond is in a video here with Phil Donahue. Donahue has sure gotten old; he must be close to 80.

It's a good discussion about cheating in cycling.

Speaking of cheating, it appears there are some "irregularities" on test scores from an elementary school in Las Vegas:

Officials from the Nevada Department of Education say they’re investigating how a test scores at a Las Vegas elementary skyrocketed from one year to the next.

Department spokeswoman Judy Osgood said the agency is working with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office to see what’s behind the eyebrow-raising improvement at Kelly Elementary School.

Michelle Rhee didn't get a job there, by the way.

A more detailed report is here.

Joblessness and underemployment are far worse than the government figures show.

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Bob said...

Phil is 77, Susie.

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