Wednesday, October 30, 2013


WCSD says it doesn't intend to let its help toward those affected by the Sparks Middle School shooting fade with time:

“Sadly, this happens quite a bit,” Martinez said of shootings across the country.

He said superintendents and principals have reached out and are giving the district advice.

“We know what happens during a tragedy,” Deputy Superintendent Traci Davis said. “There is a lot of attention in the beginning, and then two to three weeks (later) it falls off. Our goal is to continue to go back and transition until they don’t need support.”

By all accounts, the first few days back to school went smoothly.

PTSD lasts a lifetime.

Can anything be done about prosecutorial abuses in the corrupt Arizona justice system?

Spoke too soon about horrible LAUSD superintendent John Deasy.

This is an outrage.

In my view the political system is broken almost beyond repair. Neoliberalism/libertarianism is the enemy, but things are so far gone, I am not optimistic we can reverse things in the current system.

The elites indeed ARE a cancer on this democracy.

Radical surgery is needed to rid this country of the cancer.

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