Wednesday, October 30, 2013

He Was a Good Kid from a Good Family

Really he and they were.

The parents lived in a nearby apartment complex from Sparks Middle School. They were friendly, they had nice kids, and their son Jose was the ideal kid:

Jose Reyes, 12, lived next door with his father, mother and siblings in the well-kept apartment complex a few blocks from Sparks Middle School. They moved out in the weeks before the Oct. 21 schoolyard shooting that claimed the life of veteran math teacher Michael Landsberry and wounded two other 12-year-old boys.

Williams said Reyes and his siblings seemed in good spirits whenever they saw them.

“The kids were immaculate all the time. They minded well. They were wonderful people, polite people. They’d do anything in the world for you,” he said. “They’d work and come home. They were very family-oriented. That’s why it was such a shock.”

Police said Reyes got the semiautomatic handgun at the residence where he was living that Monday morning, but they haven’t identified the parents or their address. Williams said the family had moved to another apartment complex in the area, but he didn’t know where.

They were all nice except for being negligent. That's the bottom line despite the neighbors' views.

While Michael Landsberry's widow feels terrible for the Reyes family, in the end, it isn't her call to make.

You've got a law, and it's got to be enforced.

However, the investigation into the shooting could last many weeks or months.

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