Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Wonder If He Will Have a Cell Next to Chaz Higgs?

Somebody had a sadistic sense of humor when he or she made the decision to move convicted killer Darren Mack (the men's rights activist who in 2006 stabbed his estranged wife or ex-wife Charla to death in her Reno garage and later wounded Judge Chuck Weller) from Ely State Prison to High Desert State Prison near Las Vegas.

Chaz Higgs, you will recall, told a nurse the night before he killed his wife and state controller Kathy Augustine he thought Mack was an idiot for killing his wife the way he did. "If you want to get rid of someone, you just hit them with a little 'sux' because they can't trace it post-mortem," Higgs said. That quote to the nurse was one of the factors that contributed to Higgs being convicted of Augustine's 2006 murder. Because the nurse reported that remark to authorities shortly after Kathy died, tests were run on Augustine's urine sample and showed traces of succinylcholine in her system.

Higgs has been incarcerated at High Desert since his conviction in 2007.

If Mack and Higgs ever run into each other, Mack will NEVER let Higgs forget what he said.

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