Tuesday, October 01, 2013

In My View, Charter Schools Aren't Just a "Mistake,"

they are just another means where the top one percent can get even more corporate welfare while providing inferior services.

Education is simply not a business. You'd think after years of the health care/insurance fiasco, people would realize there are certain things that cannot be done well by the private sector, and charter schools ARE private schools that get public subsidies.

Diane Ravitch look at some of the many problems with them:

Charter schools are "public" when it is time to claim public funding, but they have claimed in federal court and before the National Labor Relations Board to be private corporations when their employees seek the protection of state labor laws.

In Los Altos, a group of wealthy people opened a boutique charter school for their own children. Parents are asked to donate $5,000 per child each year. Local public school parents consider the charter to be an elite private school, albeit one primarily funded with public dollars.

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