Sunday, October 13, 2013

It May Be Too Soon to Write the GOP's Obituary

After all, the GOP came back after Watergate and other scandals. Even if the party were to die, that's not necessarily a good thing for the American people because the Democrats are increasingly corrupt thanks to the nomination and election of a complete fraud who got elected to the White House in 2008.

My concern has ALWAYS been with Obama rather than the batshit crazies of the GOP; he simply can't be trusted. He's proven that with education policy, and his "grand bargain" bullshit will just about force me out of the party for good.

The most likely scenario if the GOP were to die off would be the Democratic Party would be split, and the neolibs controlling it would simply take the place of the former GOP.


But Boehner was forced to adopt the more extreme strategy. Norquist blames Cruz. “Boehner had a strategy,” Norquist told me, “but Ted Cruz blew it up.” That is, however, giving Cruz too much credit (or blame) for the result. Cruz did help convince House Republicans that if they linked passage of a continuing resolution to repealing Obamacare, he could get the votes in the Senate to follow suit. But Cruz was following a script that had been developed earlier. What has happened over the last two months, leading to the shutdown, and political paralysis in Washington, is the result of deeper factors that have put Norquist’s entire “center-right” strategy in jeopardy.

There really is no political "center" in Washington--there is a right wing and a far right or fascistic wing.

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