Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More About the Sparks Middle School Shooting (Updated)

Well, there perhaps shouldn't be blame over what happened at SMS yesterday, but you know good and well some stinking lawyer is right on the case planning to blame the school for failing to do the parents' job in making sure their child had NO access to a weapon.

Students and staff were no doubt extremely traumatized by yesterday's events:

Jorge said the student walked quickly toward Landsberry, who was standing near the north hall a few yards away.

Xena said Landsberry was trying to stop the student.

“‘Put it down. It’s not worth it,’” Xena said, recalling Landsberry’s words.

Landsberry told Jorge to run.

“Run as fast as you can,” Jorge said Landsberry told him. “Get to a safe place. Something really bad might happen.”

“He faked like he was going to give the gun to him and then he shot him,” said Jorge, who had turned to watch his teacher fall to the ground.

The witnesses are likely going to suffer from PTSD for a long time to come.

I know if I were still at that school, I would quit and never come back.

An AP report is in the RGJ obituary section.

Updated: The media keeps reporting the shooter was 12, 13, or 14, but apparently the student was only 12 years old. He isn't being identified by police although I am sure his name is all over Twitter, which in turn will be made public through outlets like UK's Daily Mail. He got a Ruger 9mm from home to bring to Sparks Middle.

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