Thursday, October 10, 2013

News, Etc.

Obituary: Astronaut Scott Carpenter, 88, died this morning in Vail, Colorado:

As an astronaut and aquanaut who lived underwater for the U.S. Navy, Carpenter was the first man to explore both the depths of the ocean and the heights of space.

Carpenter gave the famous send-off - "Godspeed, John Glenn" - when Glenn became the first American in orbit in February 1962.

Obituary: Former Minnesota senator Rod Grams, 65, has died after a battle with cancer:

After nearly a decade as lead news anchor at KMSP-TV in the Twin Cities, Mr. Grams ran for Congress in 1992 and ousted the Democratic incumbent. He won an open Senate seat two years later, but lost his re-election bid to Mark Dayton, who is now the governor of Minnesota.

There is some good news on the Alzheimer's front.

Somebody is apparently telling Obama to act like a Democrat for a change.

Not that he won't fold like a lawn chair later on.

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro apparently was a fan of David Carradine at the time of his death.

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