Thursday, October 24, 2013

Of Course He Didn't Do It

Guilt or innocence had nothing to do with Michael Skakel's ordeal. It was all about getting a "Kennedy," even if that "Kennedy" wasn't a Kennedy at all but a Skakel who was on the periphery of the Kennedy family.

It was media gold. After all, the media couldn't do anything to Ted Kennedy following Chappaquiddick that would result in jail time, for it was a tragic accident on an unfamiliar road, and they couldn't get William Kennedy Smith for rape charges because the "victim" totally lacked any credibility. However, thanks to writers like Mark Fuhrman (trying to get back his reputation after it was--wrongfully--trashed in the O.J. trial), the late Dominick Dunne, and Jeffrey Toobin, an ancient case that somehow involved a "Kennedy" who wasn't really a Kennedy was revived. It was nothing but a railroad job with flimsy or no evidence and with a lousy if prominent lawyer "defending" his client. Add the Flaming Nostrils of Justice to the mix, and it was easy to see Skakel didn't stand a chance.

How in the hell would you not use EYEWITNESSES to where Skakel was at the time Martha Moxley was killed that would exonerate him? That is just unbelievable.

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