Friday, October 25, 2013

Remember, It's the Gun Access, Not "Bullying" Rumors

that led to Jose Reyes' rampage on the outside basketball court of Sparks Middle School on Monday.

Despite the claims of a legion of helicopter parents who keep claiming Reyes was "bullied," there is NO evidence of it; in fact, he had friends and his friends insist he wasn't bullied:

Reyes played soccer and often rode his bicycle in the working class neighborhood around the school, about 5 miles northeast of downtown Reno, Munoz said. He said the two played video games together, including Zombie games and the online building game Minecraft, and both were fans of MTV's comedy clip show, "Ridiculousness."

"He was more like your typical 12-year-old," Munoz said. "Right now, we all want to be popular. He wasn't one of those kids. He didn't have a lot of friends, but he had a couple of friends. He didn't seem to be a loner."

"He never told me he was bullied," he said. "Whenever we would go outside he was always smiling. He seemed happy ... He seemed intelligent. He won video games more often than not.'"

Munoz' remarks echoed those of other students who described Reyes as a shy boy, who nonetheless had friends and usually a smile on his face. He played the violin, according to his school music teacher, and was a big fan of the video game, "Call of Duty," other classmates have said.

In other words, there was NOTHING there that indicated there were problems.

Although I have no proof of it, it sounds like he had some problems at home, and those caused him to lash out. Remember, WCSD was out on fall break last week, and it is very possible something happened at home that may have caused this kid to do what he did (other than the gun being easily available, of course).

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