Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Inmates Have Indeed Taken Over the Asylum

Naturally I am referring to those absolutely worthless, overpaid shits in Washington, D.C. Anybody who thinks a duly elected president is not "legitimate," is off the beam and most likely is a puppet of truly seditious people, i.e., David and Charles Koch.

I believe those two should be arrested, jailed, and their assets seized. They are truly dangerous, more than most because they have seemingly unlimited wealth and don't have any kind of conscience at all as to what they are doing to the United States.

King has been one of the most vocal opponents in his party to the GOP strategy of tying ObamaCare to the resolution to fund the government. He’s openly criticized Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who has led the defunding campaign, as a “fraud,” and on Monday sought to orchestrate a “moderate rebellion” in the House to continue funding the government.

King might sincerely believe this, or he might be engaging in some political gamesmanship himself.

I do believe this is nothing but a naked class war against everybody else, and that most "Democrats" in Congress (and the White House) are just posturing getting us prepared for the destruction of the country.

I don't trust Obama to do the right thing at all.

In those crises, as in the current shutdown, the most aggressive role was played by right-wing Republicans, who demanded even more extreme and rapid social cuts than those proposed by Obama and the Democrats. They set the tone, and, in the name of resolving a crisis situation, the Democrats adjusted their policies to accommodate the bulk of the Republican right’s agenda.

This time around, it will be no different. The Democrats have already begun the process, with House Democrats on Monday agreeing to cut $42 billion from their spending proposal and accept the Republicans’ lower level.

In a Rose Garden speech Tuesday, Obama signaled his readiness to work out a bipartisan agreement to “get our fiscal house in order over the long run”—a coded reference to historic attacks on Medicare and Social Security. With uninsured Americans standing behind him as photo-op props, the president shed crocodile tears for federal workers and others hit by the shutdown, while showing no inclination to end the shutdown any time soon.

If true, Obama is a dumb son of a bitch who ought to be kicked out of office himself.

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