Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Kochs and Their Ilk Belong in Prison for Sedition

I am NOT joking about this. They are evil beyond belief, and they do NOT care about this country at all.

The biggest problem with this shutdown shit is Obama because Obama CANNOT be trusted to do the right thing. I fear him even more than the Kochs because he has repeatedly try to make nice with these criminals, these fascists, and you can't make nice with them.


Their game plan is to not just to take over the Republican Party. It's to take over America. The showdown over the budget and the debt ceiling is a prelude to 2016, when they plan to run Texas Senator Ted Cruz for President. (Cruz, if you haven't noticed, is busily establishing his creds as the biggest flamer in Washington -- orchestrating not only the current extortion but also the purge of reasonable Republicans from the GOP.) Obama and the Democrats must not give in. They shouldn't even negotiate with extortionists. As I learned the hard way, giving in to bullies just encourages them to escalate their demands. The president gave in at the end of 2011 when Republican bullies threatened to go over the fiscal cliff and take the rest of the nation with them. At that time they demanded spending cuts. Now they want to repeal a law they detest. If we give in again, what's next? A coup d'etat?

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