Saturday, October 19, 2013


Contrary to what these naive writers say, when it comes to education reformers, they are NOT "well-intended." It's all about destroying the public sector for private gain with them, or, to put it bluntly, it is a planned bank heist.

The opening paragraph is disturbing for giving these people ANY benefit of the doubt or that their "arguments" have any merit whatsoever:

Most educational policy elites, whether in government or in the nonprofit sector, mean well. They pursue careers in education, rather than in business, because they want to help children, and because they believe in the power of schools to promote opportunity. Certainly there are exceptions to the rule; entrepreneurial third-parties, for instance, are often more interested in making a buck than in making a difference. On the whole, however, education is a field of good intentions.

These crooks aren't "exceptions to the rule" in education reform--they ARE the rule. This article is claiming that the "reformers" have any argument at all. They don't care; they perpetuate the Big Lie because they want the cash.

You can't reason with these people, you can try and find "compromise" with those who seek to destroy a key element of democracy.

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