Saturday, November 02, 2013

Another Teaching Casualty

A Willamette Education Service District whistleblower received a rather piddling settlement the other day:

Former teacher Terri Moore claimed she lost her job because she repeatedly reported safety violations at the high school at Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility and filed a formal complaint about harassment and bullying by Bill Conlon, the school’s principal.

She filed a lawsuit in Marion County Circuit Court in 2010 asking for as much as $500,000, plus attorney fees and reinstatement as a full-time teacher.

Under the settlement, Moore will get $86,355.75 and the law firm representing her — Lafky and Lafky — will receive $63,644.25.

She won’t be entitled to return as a full-time employee at WESD, but still could work as a substitute teacher, according to the agreement.

In other words, she will never have a regular teaching job again, especially given how utterly difficult it is to secure a teaching gig in Oregon.

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