Friday, November 22, 2013

As Long As There Is Money To Be Made, the Conspiracy Industry Will Continue

A reporter has spent a lifetime refuting the nutjobs who peddle in conspiracies, and they continue, with recycled nonsense as well as new, more creative conspiracies.

There is simply nothing out there to show there was any kind of conspiracy.

And in all that time, you never came across any conspiracies theories that you thought were valid?

Really, I have not. I’ve seen all kinds of mistakes made by officials, and I’ve seen all kinds of really weird claims that were nothing more than imagination. I did worry a little bit at first about how Oswald got back from the Soviet Union so easily and who paid for it. And after a few days, maybe two weeks, I found out he didn’t get out very easily. He had to go to Moscow several times. He wrote many, many letters trying to get out. And his brother, Robert, paid $600 of his fare back, and the American Red Cross paid the rest. So then I wasn’t too leery of the whole deal. But all these others, my God, you wouldn’t believe—five people have told me they killed the president.

No kidding?

Really. One was in a mental institution at the time, and another claimed his dad did it, and it just goes on. There’s a guy in prison in Illinois who says he did it. He was in prison then. It’s just amazing. We love a mystery, don’t we?

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