Monday, November 11, 2013

Charter Schools Shouldn't Even Exist in the First Place

If you want to form a school, create one and charge tuition. Just don't ask the taxpayers to subsidize it.

The concept of charter schools was the stupidest, most destructive concept that ever came down the pike in the history of American education. The late AFT president Al Shanker, among others, must have had a brain fart to come up with such an idiotic idea. Never in the history of American public education have teachers, let alone parents, been allowed to have "full autonomy" and take power away from the almighty administrators. It just doesn't happen. But once this nutball idea was let out of the bag, there was no turning back. Al Shanker later repudiated the whole idea later on, but it was too late. "Reformers" attached onto the charter school idea as a way to scam the taxpayers further in order to enrich themselves while shelling out very little money for operations, unlike what would happen in a traditional private school.

There have been scandals upon scandals since politicians have given these charter school crooks the keys to the taxpayer safe:

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